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Well... I know it's a cliché but what a rollercoaster the last 12 months have been! It finally feels as though we're coming out the other side and Vital Spark feels like it has been transformed by the process. Who knew we'd end up with a YouTube channel and that Parry Gripp of Raining Tacos fame would write a song especially for us!

Despite all of the challenges, I'm a lot further along my journey to becoming a fully qualified and accredited Play Therapist... more on that to come. In the meantime, we hope you've been enjoying the project "Edie and Amanda's Lockdown Letters" which has been a collaboration between myself and Tamsin Roberts, another trainee PT. Vital Spark has always had a focus on well-being and creativity and we really feel that this has guided our evolution as a company. We hope to offer more outdoor workshops in the coming months and connecting to nature through creativity is very important to us. Despite our online offerings, the thing we've missed the most are the the children and families who come to us and we can't wait to see you later in the year. Thank you for supporting us.

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