Some ideas to get you thinking... Space - India - Bees - Chocolate - Dinosaurs - Fairytales - Beatrix Potter -Olympics - Ancient Greeks - Toys - Night and Day - Nocturnal animals - Seasons - Story based Adventures... the list is endless!!!

Vital Spark in Schools...

In addition to providing specialist,regular PPA cover in Primary Schools, Vital Spark also offers bespoke workshops to bring learning to life.

This can be anything from a block of sessions to a one-off WOW to kick start a new project.


Previous projects include the BBC 10 pieces project with Ridgefield Primary School, Cambridge. This involved Katherine supporting staff to choreograph dance pieces with the children, one of which was shortlisted at The Cambridge Young people's Film awards in 2015. Katherine has also worked with Barhill Primary, The Active Learning Trust, Fen Ditton Primary and Barton C of E Primary to name but a few.


"Katherine helped create wonderful dances for our Christmas Nativity play. Many of the parents said that they were the highlight of the show."


"Last year during our bugs and insects topic, our children were particularly keen to learn about bees. They had a visit from a beekeeper but were struggling to grasp the concept of pollination. I spoke to Katherine and her workshop was amazing! The children enjoyed collecting the pollen balls and moving them from flower to flower. It made everything so clear to them."


"During our space topic, Katherine came in and took the children on a "Space Adventure". The children didn't evn realise that they were learning but the knowledge they picked up helped them to write amazing space adventure stories in literacy."


"I cannot recommend Katherine enough Katherine works closely with the teachers to ensure her lessons meet National curriculum targets and specific needs of children in my school. I believe that Vital Spark is a truly unique choice for your schools PPA cover. her sessions are fun and lively and engage all of the children."


To discuss projects/workshops and costs please E-mail Katherine through the contact page... There are no limits to what imagination can inspire.