Vital Spark Weekly Sessions... 

Timetable - January 2020


Mondays 7.45-8.30 Morning Movers YR-Y2 @ Sancton Wood School 

3.45-4.30 Y3-Y6 Dance Club @ Sancton Wood School (St Paul's Rd)

4.45-5.3Y7-Y11. Senior Dance Club @ Sancton Wood (Bateman St)


Tuesdays 3.10-3.55 YR/Y1 Dance Club @ Trumpington Park Primary

4pm-4.45 Y2-3 Dance Club @ Trumpington Park Primary

Wednesdays 3.25-4.10 Key Stage 1 adventures  @ Barton Primary       

4.15-5pm Key Stage 2 adventures @ Barton Primary School                                    
Thursdays 3.40-3.25 Key 
stage 1 adventures @ Meridian Primary School

Fridays 3.15-4 YR/Y1 Street Dance @ BarHill Primary
4-4.45pm Y2/3 Street Dance @ BarHill Primary 

4.45-5.30 Year 4/5/6 Street Dance @ Barhill Primary


Other Vital Spark offerings...

Cafe Creative

Fancy a cup of tea, coffee and the all important piece of cake?

Well, we host a Cafe-Creative so why not make and create whilst socialising and having refreshment...

Click here to find out more...


Are you looking for something different for a birthday party?

Well, we offer brilliantly energetic Adventure Parties that can be fully adaptable for each individual... Click here to find out more!

Holiday Workshops

If your child enjoys the weekly sessions we also offer imaginative Half Term, Easter and Summer Holiday activities. Click here to find out when and where the next one will be...