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Thank you Katherine for putting on such a wonderful event. I was amazed at my son's confidence and ability! ( only 18mths ago at nursery he wouldn't even sing Christmas songs in a circle with his peers - he burst into tears and sat on my lap crying and hiding) What a change.... and I'm sure your weekly drama sessions have helped him enormously.. also just to say how inclusive and accommodating you, your staff and all the other children were - Wow - a real credit. I'm sure your open mindedness and acceptance would make any child welcome which is a great skill.

Thanks so much for the party today; it was really wonderful and we and all our friends were delighted and said how much they enjoyed and appreciated what you did with the children. It really made Izzy's day special - so thank you!

We want to give you a big 'THANK YOU' for turning Carla's birthday party into the best party she could ever remember.  We are very happy to see Carla was beaming throughout the party.

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